The Way Forward

Our world as we know it has been effectively turned upside down. So many facets of our lives have changed, and we are not certain when, or if, it will return. How will things like sports look? When will they return? There are so many questions with very few answers. Floorball is no different but then again, we are all going to be starting behind where we were.

I had plans. In a not too distant past, I spent would have planned out several things. Given we are in July I’d already be in the middle of summer programs with Fall scheduled and waiting. I’d be actively marketing and competing with every other summer program and event to grab parents, and kids, attention. For the past three years things were starting to take off.

When I started Floorball classes in my local area it started from scratch. No one had heard of the sport and I had no clue how many would even show up. Fast forward three years and we were getting a consistent and growing group of kids into the instructional classes. Depending on the age group we were bursting at the seams! It was exciting to see the growth and engagement of kids and parents. It had taken some time, but I felt like we were meeting the needs of kids in the area looking for something different to do. Then COVID-19 happened.

I had just started my spring programs when everything shut down. Even as we have come out of quarantine things haven’t really returned. I had laid out a plan for summer programs I felt the format and adaptability of Floorball was a great fit for the guidelines we were given. Unfortunately, that all fell apart too. I work full-time so to run programs during the day are pretty much impossible. I even found staff who could run summer programs, but in the end it all fell apart. I was back to square one.

That is where I am currently with things. Back to starting over. The biggest challenges I see for businesses like mine will be finding adequate space. In my area we do not have dedicated recreation facilities, specific to indoor sports. Most programs are run out of the public-school system. The hope is students will be going back to school in the fall. However, I have an inkling that schools will be less inclined to let outside groups use their facilities after school. This presents a clear challenge to things right now. How to run programs without a facility?

Tennis courts are always an option, but not as much when it rains. The likelihood I’ll be able to run my classes and leagues this fall are looking slim to none. It’s likely that I’ll have to just wait things out and be ready to move should things open. In the meantime, I’ll continue to my mission to educate others on the sport, help them learn and grow, and build the sport of Floorball. It will happen. It will just take longer than I had anticipated.