Training Days

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To be the best at Floorball, you have to put in the work.

Science tells us that in order to master something we need to put in 10,000 hours focusing on our craft.  While being a master of your craft is important that’s just one piece of the puzzle.  In order to continue to improve it’s equally important to keep your body and mind in optimal health.  Preparing your body and mind will help you improve your overall performance.  If the Boys Scouts of American have taught me anything it’s the motto “be prepared” that has served me throughout my life.  As I prepare for different competitions it’s important to use anything tangible as motivation to keep pushing and working.

How one prepares for competition will vary depending on their current health and age.  I’ve certainly learned that as I’ve aged it has taken me longer to recover, lose weight, or improve that I did when I was younger.  Through my own training for floorball and in working with a personal trainer we boiled down our training regimen to focus on explosive speed and stamina.  Through this training one of the things I’ve learned and taken to heart is the importance of the hips.  Having played any number of sports I never specifically trained the hips, or the smaller muscles surrounding them.  What I found in focusing on this area was reduced back pain, better flexibility, and improved performance.  As a result of improvement in these areas I gained more confidence in myself as I prepared for competition.

What I love about floorball is that it combines a number of sports into one and the training techniques are similar to other sports.  If you’re already playing soccer, lacrosse, and basketball you’re already working on the physical training for floorball.  In order to keep my training high I tend to cycle through 3-4 weeks of varying exercises focused on improving my stamina, quickness, and explosive speed.  Some of the equipment that has been helpful for me when training include a foam roller, stretch band, hurdles, and agility ladder.

One of the great things about our age of technology is the ability to have information at our fingertips.  While not everyone has access to a personal trainer or strength coach there is an astounding amount of information out there to help you.  While there is information focused on floorball don’t be afraid to look at other sports to help you improve.  The important thing is to stay focused, keep working, have fun, and don’t forget to rest.

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