What to look for in a Floorball stick

There’s a lot of development that goes into making sporting equipment, and that is no different when making a floorball stick. Do you know what makes a floorball stick and how to choose the right one?

Floorball equipment varies in the technology, materials, and design used.  Some sticks focus on the style or position played. A defensive player will want different characteristics than an strictly offensive player. There are number of options that players can choose from in regards to grip tape, shaft composition, flex, and how hard or soft the blade is.  For beginners most of this information won’t mean much. In the beginning you’re just learning basic skills and getting a feel for what might best suit your playing style.

As you begin to search for floorball sticks you’ll likely find any number of sticks with varying prices and functions.  Beginner sticks tend to fall in a price range of about $30-50 and tend to have more flex in the shaft.  This information can be found sometimes in the description of the stick (FB 32, etc.).  On the other end of the spectrum you’ll find professional level sticks fall in a price range of $150-230. 

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Should you go out an buy a $100 stick? It’s hard to know what you’ll like if you don’t how different sticks feel. That’s one of the challenges. No stores currently sell them in person, at least I haven’t found any. One method is to do your research. We have a variety of reviews on our site to help you in your decision making process. The ideal way is to try out others’ sticks.

Being new I don’t recommend dropping a lot of money. The main reason to purchase a professional level stick is that it does provide an increase in performance.  As you develop as a player you’ll begin to find what works for you and a professional level stick will help increase your skills and playing abilities. It will also have a variety of options from stick flex, type of grip, and coupled with the right style of blade can make a positive impact in your game.

Other questions to answer prior to buying a stick is knowing what size you need. These are not hockey sticks, and they shouldn’t be sized accordingly. To size a stick, you want the end of the stick to fall around your belly.  If it’s too short it’ll put you in a poor position. If it’s too tall you may struggle controlling the ball closer to the body.

There’s a lot of information out there on equipment and like many things purchases can come down to preference in a certain brand, certain look, feel, or and more complex understanding of knowing specifically what you’re looking for. I’ll make recommendations to people, but each purchase is personal. When you see a stick out there talk to people and ask them what they like and don’t like about the stick. If you’re lucky they’ll let you try it out.