What’s not to love about Floorball?

People are constantly looking for entertainment. In many cases we’re looking for things to connect with. These connections could come from just about anywhere. For me, much of my own experience and connection have come through sports. Through sport I’ve been fortunate to have made some amazing friends and have once in a lifetime experiences. I’ve been blessed to be a player, coach, and spectator in a number of sports. What draws me to sports is the action and the overall experience that it provides.

Think about what makes certain sports or sporting events so electric. What are the ingredients that bring the sport alive both in person and on TV. It boils down to the stories told on the court and the drama of the moment. Throw in a crowd atmosphere and the entire experience has the potential to boil over into something special. The action on the court must transcend into the fan experience. It’s what brings the passion from the fans and enhances the experience.

Floorball, like other sports, is a sport that you can fall in love with. While you may not have the same hard hitting as hockey, or physical play as football, it does have its own style and essence. One the things that struck me when I first saw the sport were how smooth the flow of the game was. At the top levels this is very apparent, and is a sight to behold. If you had a chance to watch the 2019 Women’s World Floorball Championships you were treated to one of the best matches to be played. Between the amazing fans from the Swiss to the amazing plays made by the Swiss women’s team. I could explain what happens but just go search the semi-final match on YouTube. I guarantee it’s worth it.

If you’re looking for a sport with excitement, skill, with precision passing and shooting you can’t go wrong with Floorball. From a youth development perspective it has all the ingredients to attract a new audience to sports. Tastes are changing and kids are looking for something new and different. People would argue that attention spans are changing, but I think that kids are looking to not be left out so early in the process. If you’re not playing at a certain level by age 8 you’re left out. That should never be the fact, and with little development it is easier to attract new players with a familiar but new sport. Since the sport is more or less non-contact that may also attract people to play.

Floorball has a lot going for it, and people are taking notice. What’s going to help is getting more people to experience first-hand what it has in store. The best way to do that is creating opportunities to engage and experience the sport.