Who is Floorball Guru?

Often when you’re interacting with a business or brand you get a bit curious who the people behind it are. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of every business and I think people forget to talk about that. Everyone one plays a role and while some like to be the face of the organization others are more comfortable not being out front.

Here it is. Hello, my name is David Crawford. I’ve spent most of my life living in Washington State, but had a brief tours in Japan, British Columbia, and Wisconsin. I founded and run Floorball Guru as a one man show. That’s not to say I haven’t and don’t have help. I’m thankful to have some wonderful people around me to help me along this journey.  

I’m the architect if you were of the brand. 99% of every piece of content on my website comes directly from me through my thoughts, knowledge, and experiences. There have been times when I’ve used my platform to highlight others and I like having their voices as part of it. I’ve been working in the field of recreation for over 15 years.

Much of my experience can be broken down into either sport related or outdoor recreation related. Early in my career I spent much of my time work in the outdoor field. At one point I was a certified river guide and had adventures on and off the river throughout western Washington. Eventually I moved on from being an adventure guide and worked in youth sports.

Working in youth sports was a great opportunity to learn and grow on my own. I worked out of my house and car traveling throughout Washington and Oregon growing that business. That experience is where I cut my teeth and learned a lot of what I would ultimately use for Floorball. At that time, I was also coaching high school, and club level soccer; so much of my life was devoted to soccer. The biggest things I learned was how to break instruction down to a more basic level. Lots of people know how to teach someone who already has knowledge on a subject, but it’s a different approach when you’re starting from scratch.

Right now, I work in Campus Recreation as the Director of Recreation at a small University near my home. I’m in charge of all campus recreation programs including facility management, intramural sports, outdoor recreation, and group fitness. The job is a culmination of my career wrapped into one job. It is a blast working with students sharing my knowledge and building something special for the campus through Campus Rec. I’ve even added Floorball to our repertoire, and it’s become something the students really enjoy.

I’ve been building Floorball Guru for over 3 years now. I’ve been able to speak at conferences about the sport, coaching and play internationally. I’ve even published a book on the sport The Floorball Guru Primer. I’m really proud of the accomplishments made over the last five years within the sport.

While I’m working to help others get into the sport the programs I’ve created for families in my area are dearest to my heart. Seeing kids continue to show up to our programs has been fun to see. To watch kids grow and develop is worth the effort of putting things together. It’s meant even more during COVID times as, until recently, we’ve had to take a break.

As I look into the future for the business I’m excited to continue working to engage kids and organizations to learn, teach, and play Floorball. It’s a great sport and brings a lot of value in an ever changing landscape. Being one of the people to help build this sport I’m thankful for the opportunities to do that. If there’s a way I can help please let me know, and thank you all for your support.