Who’s playing Floorball in the U.S.?

Floorball is headed in a great direction. In the past 5 years Floorball continues to raise awareness and grow throughout the World. In the United States and Canada, it continues to expand, albeit slowly with a number of leagues growing annually. Due to the global pandemic this has had an impact on groups playing, but may open the door to more growth in the coming years.

Given the statistics from USA Floorball there are currently 23 states that have floorball groups or programs operating pick-up games or full leagues, though much of this information needs to be updated. At this time the top three states with floorball clubs are California, Texas, and Colorado. It is also likely that there are other groups playing that are not represented.  However, there is continued growth in states like Wisconsin, Utah, and Washington, Florida, Virginia, and with newer grassroots programs and leagues forming throughout Arizona, Nevada, and Minnesota. 

The focus for many is providing space to gather, learn, and play.  At the same time there are also a number of opportunities for players to compete in 4v4 and 5v5 tournaments across the country.  In some cases, there are also be opportunities to attend National Team training events, which are usually held in conjunction with a tournament such as US Nationals (typically falling in mid to late August).

In California they have the Fresno Floorball League, groups playing throughout the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and San Diego areas.  As for tournaments they host the California Cup and Golden Gate Cup which draw players from around the country, but primarily California. At this time it is unsure whether groups continue to grow or if they’re stagnant. One of the things that remain unclear is whether there are youth programs available or if they’re growing. We’re hopeful that more youth programs will be developed over time.

Within Texas floorball has been growing for a number of years. There are developed leagues such as the North Texas Floorball Association that offer weekly pick-up games and leagues. There are groups in Arlington and Austin that seem to be consistent, and seem to be primarily adult programs.   Pick-up games and leagues run throughout the area are played 4v4 or 5v5.  Depending on the location there are groups that are offering youth programs, but that is limited at this time.

More recently we saw the beginnings of the North American Floorball League. The purpose of this league is to develop a top tier system of Floorball. By creating teams around the country and sourcing players from around the world they hope to raise the level of play for Floorball in the US. They are set to launch summer of 2021 so we’ll have to wait and see what direction that takes.

There are other groups out there in Arizona, Nevada, and Virginia that seem to also be consistent, but most seem to be focused on adult play from what we can find. There are some youth programming happening in Utah, Colorado, Minnesota, Michigan, Florida, and Washington State and they all provide a mix of offering from youth classes, leagues, and camps. Either way if you’re interested in playing or learning Floorball hopefully there’s a group near you. If not, then we encourage you to start a program of your own. If there’s a way we can assist please make sure to reach out.

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  1. When my wife (Swedish) and I moved to Denver in late 2000, she heard through the Swedish groups in town that a group of guys were playing “innebandy” at a local gym. It was motely group of Swedes and Americans (most were married to Swedes, but some were co-workers of Swedes), with one German guy thrown in for good measure. We played for a few years, but then life started getting in the way. Various people (including me) have tried reviving it in the Denver area over the years, but it hasn’t gotten much traction (mainly because it’s so difficult to find relatively inexpensive court time in a part of town accessible by everyone). I’m glad the organizers down in Colorado Springs have regular games so that I can make the occasional trip down there.

    1. It’s hard across the board. Every location is so different with different challenges. Court time is by far the biggest hurdle for many to overcome.

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