Why Not Start Today?

Admit it, you’ve thought to yourself at some point in your life about starting something. Sometimes you’ve acted on that impulse and others you haven’t. What was it about either situation that cause those responses or outcomes? Starting anything new while scary is part of who I believe we are. I think we instinctively want to create or be part of something bigger than ourselves. How that looks and the role we play in the process will vary based on a number of factors; but the main part of it is acting. By acting we allow ourselves the freedom to pursue that passion, dream, goal, etc. By not acting we have the opposite effect, which mostly leads to regret of not acting, which is done based on any number of reasons.

I’ve been in that same situation many times. Sometimes I choose to act and sometimes I don’t. In other cases I choose to act but don’t follow through. It could have been that as I progressed through the process I realized it wasn’t going to work or I just lost interest. It happens, but I’ve always pushed onward. For me Floorball has been that project I just couldn’t shake. Not only has it been something I’ve become very passionate about, but it’s something I can clearly see being a force in the sports world. It has all the ingredients to make it into a top tier sport, and it’s something I want to be part of. Also, how many times do you get in on the ground floor of anything these days? That’s been my driving force. It’s certainly not been an easy process along the way. I’ve had failures and successes. That’s the way things work. Everything doesn’t go your way.  I’ve been working with my college students for two years now, and while Floorball is popular among students it’s still relatively small. There are some things I continue to tweak in how it’s presented but there’s still work to do.

The notion that the work’s done is never the case. There’s always was to improve. Sometimes you’re up while others you’re down. It’s the way of life, especially when talking about sports, sports programming, and instructional classes. While there are things you can control, there are a lot of things you can’t. Sometimes the consistency and longevity of the continued work is what gets you through the down times. I’m at a point in my city classes where I’m somewhat stagnant on numbers. They’re consistent, but don’t seem to be growing.  Why? What can I do to improve? What’s the next step? These are questions to wrestle with and take actions to answer.

To grow Floorball, or any new sport, I believe it has to start at the instructional level to some degree. From there it needs to progress to a point where there is enough interest and background knowledge to start an effective league. At this point the players, coaches, and referees have enough knowledge in the sport to play the sport as intended. The instructional classes should continue and serve as a feeder and development system to give kids the knowledge to hone their skills.  The more opportunities to learn and play the better the long term outcome.

It all starts with action. Without action there is nowhere to go. People can talk about, hope, and desire something to happen, but without action nothing happens. In the end talk is cheap. Action speaks volumes. If you’re really interested in growing the sport, what steps can you take today?

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