Do you work with a ticket broker?

If you hadn’t figured it out already, sports are a commodity.  So much so that a whole sector of business is focused around it.  Without this sector of dedicated and highly educated workers teams would struggle to turn a profit.  Without consistent tickets sales attendance is likely minimal, which affects current and potential sponsors, which is turn puts the organization at risk.  The lessons learned from the ticket sales industry can work for smaller market teams and leagues, if they’re able to harness it effectively.  While most won’t have the initial funding to buy a sales staff there are choices and partnerships that can be made to help.

When most people think about a ticket they usually think of something you get in your hand.  While it’s still widely used is the simple ticket stub is one option that’s been around for a long time.  With the advent of technology this notion has evolved along with the digital age.  One way that organizations can harness this technology is to work with an online ticket broker.  A common online broker most people think of is Ticket Master. Pricing of ticket broker websites are typically determined by demand and availability.  If you want to get a ticket to a game, event, or concert you hop online and search using these businesses.

If you currently sell tickets to your events are you able to leverage the same amount of sales on your own?  Do you need a ticket broker?  While you may think it’s out of your reach it is likely not.  Working with Ticket Master may not likely be an option for you, however, there are many smaller businesses out there that can effectively meet your needs. If you could effectively increase attendance by leveraging an online broker wouldn’t the cost be worth it?  I routinely see tournaments being offered still only accepting payment at the door.  In some cases, they’re only accepting cash!  Those events are missing out on many things that would help them increase profits, sales, and attendance.

If you’re thinking of putting on an event, or currently do so it would be worth your time to work with a ticket broker.  In the age of technology anything not on the internet is lost.  Hopefully you already have an established product, solid marketing, and a loyal following.  If buying a ticket isn’t easy you’re likely losing money you could easily gain.  With an impulsive buyer searching through the internet to purchase something you want to make sure they can quickly and easily make that purchase.  Help them make that purchase.

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