Writing a book on Floorball

Sometimes the path you take is not the path you think you’ll take.  In fact, often that’s usually the case.  My path has taken me around the world and into uncharted areas I never thought were possible.  I’ve seen failure and success, but through each one I’ve learned something.  The key I’ve found is to continue to push forward one way or another.  At times I have felt lost on my path, but through time I realize I’ve been following the path for me.

I had envisioned a Floorball instructional program for over five years.  I wasn’t sure exactly how it would work or what the finished product would look like.  I was working in youth soccer at the time at a wonderful company and I thought their approach could be modeled for Floorball.  I even put a presentation together for the owner and presented my idea.  I was nervous about presenting it, but had high hopes.  At the time I thought others would see what I saw and jump on board.  The proposal was not well received to say the least.  Not to the fault of anyone, I just believe it wasn’t the right time.

Fast forward to last year.  I had been working and developing a Floorball book for some time.  Having played and coached many sports, and having worked with players of all ages I felt it was time to put something out there.  I was apprehensive about the prospect of publishing a book, but I knew it was the right time.  With the support and guidance of some amazing people I slogged through the process to write and publish a book.  I think the challenge to starting anything new is educating as many people about what you’re doing and why it’s so great.  Writing a book was one way I felt I could make a positive impact in helping grow the sport of Floorball.  I’ve learned a lot over the years and I wanted to help others learn from my experiences.  The focus was on giving people the information to start their own programs.  I’m hopeful that through this effort more people will be exposed to a sport I’ve become so passionate about.

The process was a challenge, but one worth taking on.  I hope it inspires people to step out and take a risk.  I feel I put myself out there and while that’s a scary prospect at least I tried.  I’m excited for the future of this project and the potential impact it can have.  I honestly never thought I would publish a book, but if I never tried I know I’d be missing out on an opportunity.  I hope in some way I inspire you to take a risk on yourself.